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How to Become an Influencer in Your Industry

Are you looking to establish your credibility as an expert? With the right technique, you can use social media to position yourself as a leading expert in your field. Here are our tips for becoming an influencer in your industry via your social media networks. Choose the Right Platform(s) While some experts will tell you […]

What Makes Some Content Go Viral?

Ever wondered why some content is widely shared and some hardly makes any impact at all?  It’s about more than just putting together a great piece of content; you stand a much better chance of going viral if you can really tap into certain emotions and make your readers feel compelled to share your content […]

How to Find Quality Facebook Fans

When it comes to building a community on Facebook, some marketers are still hung on the numbers game. This can be completely the wrong way to go, not least because Facebook’s News Feed algorithm penalises the organic reach of brands who are not getting much engagement on their updates. It’s therefore much better to focus […]

Where is Content Marketing Heading in 2015?

2014 saw lots of changes to content marketing, some of which are expected to continue to have a big impact as we head into 2015. Here are some of our content marketing predictions for the year ahead. Those Not Embracing Mobile Marketing Will Be Left Behind With smartphones and tablets looking set to overtake desktop […]

Facebook Is Changing (Again!): Is a Dramatic Decrease in Reach Inevitable?

In November, Facebook announced that they will be changing their News Feed algorithm again. This time, they will be cracking down on business pages that they feel are posting “overly promotional” content. This will come into play from January 2015 and affected pages will see an even bigger decline in organic reach. With many brands […]

How to Get More Engagement On Twitter

Are you frustrated that you’re not getting as much engagement on Twitter as you had hoped? Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for turning things around but there are certain tactics that have been shown to encourage a greater level of interaction. Here are our tips for encouraging more people to share your content and […]

Why Managing a Social Media Community is More Than Just Numbers

As a social media manager, do you focus on the size of your brand’s following or the extent to which your social media community is interacting with your content? Many marketers are still concentrating predominantly or solely on how many followers their brand has, regardless of whether these “fans” are showing any interest in their […]

How to Use Other People’s Content in Your Social Media Marketing

Creating quality website and social media content on a daily basis can feel like an overwhelming task. While fresh content should be a big part of your marketing strategy, it’s not the only way to build trust and authority. Many marketers have yet to realise the benefits of using other people’s content as part of […]

Tips for Easily Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Social Media Activity

Being successful on social media is about much more than just posting content and attracting followers. To get most from your social activity, you need to know whether your efforts are actually having a positive impact for your brand. This is the point at which social media marketing becomes daunting for many marketers. What should […]

How to Make Your Social Media Management More Effective

Are you looking for ways to be more productive with your social media management? These tips will help you to save time and get the most from your social media channels. Get Organised Being able to keep track of your social media activity in one place makes life much easier, especially if you are dealing […]