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How To Structure An Effective Blog Post

Knowing how to structure a blog post will not only make the writing process a breeze, but will make the content flow in a clear and concise manner. Contrary to popular belief, good writing isn’t about difficult synonyms and fancy metaphors; it’s about readability. Unless you are writing to a particular style guide you should […]

Great Examples Of Effective B2B Headlines

Business to business (B2B) marketing can be more challenging than business to consumer (B2C) marketing. When you’re creating headlines you have to assume that business owners know all the tricks of the trade and won’t be drawn in so easily. After all, many of them are in the same boat as you. If you’ve ever […]

How To Create An Effective Content Marketing Plan

Your content marketing campaign can literally make or break your business. Contrary to popular belief, good content marketing isn’t about bulk, it’s about frequent high-quality publishing; and there are various techniques that you can use to ensure your website or blog is the best-of-the-best. A good content marketing plan never solely relies on one publishing […]

How to Curate An Article Using Twitter

With over 645 million registers users, Twitter is one of the most popular social networking websites on the planet. While Tweets only contain a small number of characters in comparison to other feed-based strategies, the information can be hugely valuable, especially if you’re a content curator. Twitter provides users with plenty of tools for embedding […]

Using Case Studies For Content Marketing

It’s one thing to write about what you know, but it’s another to “prove” what you know. Anyone can source articles online and make them their own, but not everybody can demonstrate success within their field. Case Studies allow you to prove that your knowledge isn’t just copied from a textbook, but generates results. The […]

Social Media Marketing In Less Than 20 Minutes A Day

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful ways to connect with customers and prospective clients. If used correctly, you can literally turn platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn into a gold mine. One of the most powerful elements of social media marketing is its viral nature. People love to “share” and “like” […]


Tutorial: Getting Started With Kurasie, The Content Curation Engine

If you’re new to Kurasie the following steps will walk you through the initial Kurasie set-up. Once you have registered with Kurasie or logged in for the first time you will need to connect your social media accounts. 1. Click on the “i” as highlighted in the screenshot below: 2. Scroll down to the bottom […]

Keep Your Content Curation Focussed For Best Effect

When used correctly, content curation can be a very powerful marketing method. One of the biggest mistakes curators will make is posting too much too quickly. The purpose of curation isn’t about quantity; it’s about providing the best possible information so your readers won’t have to search elsewhere. If you simply publish broad content without […]

How To Curate The Perfect Piece Of Content

  Internet marketing is a tricky business. With the excessive amount of low-quality content and Google constantly changing their algorithms, finding good information can be a challenge. By incorporating curation into your content marketing strategy, you’ll effectively double your chances of gaining a steady readership, giving you more opportunities to engage with potential clients. Creation […]

How To Add Value To Content With Curation

Content is the most important aspect of Internet marketing, but with so much around, you may find it difficult to produce something completely original. Contrary to popular belief, published content can significantly benefit your business. The most valuable service you can offer readers is regular informative information, and re-publishing other people’s content can make you […]