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Using Twitter Lists for More Effective Marketing

Are you making the most of Twitter’s “lists’ feature? This is a useful way to keep track of your Twitter feed so that you spend less time scrolling through a myriad of tweets. People who fall into similar categories can be added to various lists to make it easier to see their tweets and engage […]

How Social Listening Can Help Your Social Marketing

Does your social media strategy involve taking time to listen to what others are saying about your brand? If not, you could be missing out on big marketing opportunities. If you’re not already familiar with the concept of social listening, it involves seeking out conversations that take place on social media and looking for chances […]

Using Facebook Video for Better Engagement

One of the key content marketing predictions for 2015 revolved around bigger usage of video by brands, and this is already proving true as far as Facebook is concerned. Facebook themselves recently confirmed that a whopping 75 per cent more videos are being uploaded to the site compared to a year ago. Research from Socialbakers […]

How to Encourage Influencers to Support Your Content

Having support from influencers can be a great way to raise your profile and to increase the reach of your content. Research from BuzzSumo on more than 100 million articles showed that content shared by an influencer received almost 32 per cent more shares than those that didn’t get any influencer backing. And unsurprisingly, the […]

How to Engage Your Audience With Visual Content

  You’ve probably heard that visual content is one of the best ways to encourage your social media followers to engage with you. There are certainly many good reasons to use visual content as one of the key components of your content marketing. Here, we look at some of the ways that visual content can […]

How to Encourage More Re-Tweets

Do you wish that your content was more widely shared on Twitter? Here are our tips for increasing your chances of getting more re-tweets. Be Useful Your aim should always be to offer social media content that is useful, interesting and informative for your followers but this is even more important if you are trying […]

How to Handle Negative Feedback on Social Media

When you are monitoring your brand’s social media mentions, you’ll probably come across less than favourable feedback about your business from time to time. How you react to this can say a lot about your brand and if it’s handled in the right way, it can actually be an opportunity to demonstrate customer service. Here […]

Why People Don’t Follow You on Twitter

Are you disappointed with your Twitter following? You may be wondering why you’re failing to attract much of an audience. Chances are, you’re probably making at least one of these classic mistakes. Here are some of the common reasons why people decide not to follow someone on Twitter, plus some tips on how to change […]

How Brands Use Curated Content

We’ve talked a lot recently about the benefits of using curated content in your marketing but if you’re new to the idea of doing this, you’re probably wondering how it works in reality. Some brands have already recognised the need to share third party content as a way to build trust with their audience and […]

Tips for Driving More Twitter Clicks

Twitter can be a great tool to drive more traffic to your website – as long as you go about things in the right way. An increase in targeted traffic can have positive effects in terms of increasing your reach, getting more subscribers and ultimately bringing more customers or clients on board. Here are our […]