How to Encourage More Re-Tweets


Do you wish that your content was more widely shared on Twitter? Here are our tips for increasing your chances of getting more re-tweets.

Be Useful

Your aim should always be to offer social media content that is useful, interesting and informative for your followers but this is even more important if you are trying to encourage more re-tweets on your content. Quality content that has value for your followers stands a much better chance of being shared, whether this is your own original content or third party content.

Share Other People’s Content

Sharing good content from other people is a great way to take the pressure off your own content creation efforts and is another opportunity to be useful and valuable for your followers. Re-tweeting other people’s content on a regular basis increases your chances of being shared in return through being an active member of the Twitter community.

Interact with Others

Being overly self promotional on Twitter can be a big mistake when it comes to securing engagement on your content and you’re unlikely to get many re-tweets if you’re not looking to do anything other than plug your products or services. Most businesses are on Twitter for marketing purposes but you’ll get a lot more out of it if you are actively involved in conversations and engaging with others.

Use Headlines Wisely

How you phrase your content headlines can be make or break in terms of being shared. A slightly controversial headline can work well for grabbing attention, while a descriptive headline can be better from a search perspective. Question based headlines can also encourage interest and clicks.

Length can be another factor, with research indicating that tweets are more likely to be shared if they do not use all 140 characters. Experts suggest that optimum length is less than 100 characters to allow brief comments to be added as part of the re-tweet. Those that go more or less up to the character limit don’t offer this possibility and can therefore discourage shares.

Time Your Tweets

When you tweet can have a big impact on whether you can expect your content to be shared. Knowing when your followers are most likely to be online and reading your tweets is crucial for being able to schedule your tweets for maximum impact.

If you have followers in different time zones, don’t be afraid to post the same tweet more than once do that it has a better chance of being seen by more people. Twitter moves fast and if you only post once, it will only be seen by a very small percentage of your followers. Tweeting it again later in the day makes it more likely that it will be seen by others, who may not have been online when the earlier tweet was posted. Don’t go overboard though; leave a gap of at least several hours before posting the same tweet again to avoid coming across as ‘spammy’ by those who may have seen it already.