How to Find Quality Facebook Fans


When it comes to building a community on Facebook, some marketers are still hung on the numbers game. This can be completely the wrong way to go, not least because Facebook’s News Feed algorithm penalises the organic reach of brands who are not getting much engagement on their updates.

It’s therefore much better to focus on quality over quantity. Having lots of fans might look good but it’s only useful if a significant proportion are actually engaged with your brand and content. Your goal should be to create a following that wants to interact with your content and share it with their friends.

How do you look to find these type of fans? Here are our tips!

Should You Use Advertising?

Facebook advertising is extremely targeted and allows you to pinpoint by factors such as gender, location, interests and even income. This makes it easy to reach the type of Facebook user that is likely to have an affinity with your brand. There’s no guarantee that this will definitely lead to likes or that these fans will ultimately engage with you but it does mean that you are not targeting people who are unlikely to be interested in your brand.

Using Facebook advertising to attract new targeted fans is only half of the story though; it’s important to have a good content strategy in place to keep them engaged with your brand.

Have the Right Content Strategy

Going about your content creation in the right way will have a big impact on your ability to attract quality fans. Posting and sharing industry-related content that is both relevant and useful for your Facebook audience builds authority and trust. This enables you to position yourself in the minds of your fans and they may even start to look out for your posts in their News Feed as they browse.

If the idea of creating a regular supply of your own brand content seems daunting, mix it up by sharing other people’s content as well. This is another way to build trust with your audience.

What Not to Do

Don’t Use Contests. This used to be an easy way to grow a community, albeit one that is mostly getting involved for the potential reward. Facebook has since clamped down on “like-gaiting” (encouraging users to like your Facebook page to enter competitions) so this is no longer recommended as a good tactic for attracting new Facebook fans. Even in the days when it was a viable option, it was questionable as a means of bringing quality fans on board as most that were encouraged on board were predominantly swayed by the chance to win the contest and were not invested in the brand itself.
Don’t Buy Fans. Advertising can potentially work well but buying random likes is a sure-fire way to build a ‘community’ that doesn’t care for your brand at all. These fans will rarely interact with you – if at all – and this can have a very negative impact on your organic reach. Don’t be tempted to sideline your brand’s organic Facebook growth in this way; focus on creating the type of content that will naturally encourage engagement.

A small Facebook community that is enthusiastic about your content will be far more valuable than a large “fanbase” that doesn’t have any true interest in you or your posts. Focus your efforts on producing and sharing the type of  content that will keep your audience hooked and you’ll be in a great position to find more quality fans.