How to Encourage Influencers to Support Your Content


Having support from influencers can be a great way to raise your profile and to increase the reach of your content. Research from BuzzSumo on more than 100 million articles showed that content shared by an influencer received almost 32 per cent more shares than those that didn’t get any influencer backing. And unsurprisingly, the impact increased if more influencers came on board.

The potential benefits are huge but if you’ve never previously reached out in this way, you might be confused how best to go about it. Here are our tips for trying to persuade key influencers to get behind your brand.

Identifying With Key Influencers

Within your niche, there should be a number of influential people that could support your marketing efforts. These will be relevant to your brand’s content and have an audience/community that would be invaluable for your brand to leverage. Bloggers and popular social media users are obvious examples. Having a big reach isn’t a particularly crucial factor; there needs to be a good probability that an influencer will talk about your brand to their audience. Sometimes, a small niche audience can work better than a large following.

If you’re struggling to find many influencers, using keywords and hashtags can help you to locate potential prospects in your niche.

Connecting With Key Influencers

To attract support from influencers, your content definitely needs to be relevant, useful and informative for your audience.

As a social media user, you need to be engaging and highly visible. This includes interacting with content from influencers via activities such as commenting on blog posts, reaching out to them on social media and inviting them to be involved in blog posts (which are then shared on your social media channels). Promoting their content and including them in your own content can go a long way towards making influencers more favourable towards your brand. Collaborative content that features an influencer is likely to be shared to their network, thus increasing its reach beyond your own social media channels.

Asking an influencer to share your content can be more effective than you might think. You might be surprised at how willing some influencers are to help others –  provided that your content is relevant to their community and they are confident that it will offer value to their audience. This will not always be the case but it’s worth asking, especially if you’ve already got yourself on their radar by sharing their content, engaging in quality conversations with them and highlighting them to your audience in your own content.

Before you approach an influencer, think closely about what benefits you would bring to the table for them and be honest with yourself about this. Influencers are unlikely to allow you to leverage their community if there is nothing in it for them.