Keep Your Content Curation Focussed For Best Effect

keeping focus

When used correctly, content curation can be a very powerful marketing method. One of the biggest mistakes curators will make is posting too much too quickly. The purpose of curation isn’t about quantity; it’s about providing the best possible information so your readers won’t have to search elsewhere. If you simply publish broad content without thoroughly assessing its worth, your website will turn into a glorified feed, which can lead to adverse effects.

Niche Specific

The content you curate shouldn’t cover your industry topic in a broad sense, but should be niche specific. In the world of online marketing it’s virtually impossible to get exposure from broad topics, so going niche is usually the only way to bring your business to the forefront. Make sure the content you curate is specifically geared towards your audience and never loses focus; if it isn’t relatable, you’ll lose your readership.

Finding Sources

Always curate your content from prestigious and reputable sources that are within or closely related to your sector. Make a list of high-quality blogs and websites that publish content on your industry and link them to a curation program such as Kurasie. This will allow you to keep updated on all of your sources without having to constantly troll the Internet.

Follow and “like” the social network pages of your competitors and industry trade associations. This will provide valuable information on; what consumers want to read about, what promotes discussion, and what goes viral. Having this information handy will help you make more informed decisions on what to publish, be it capitalizing on a certain topic or finding a gap in the market.

Choosing Content

The content you publish will represent your business. While it’s okay to use automation software to find the content in the first place, you must read it and decide whether or not it’s suitable. When you choose content, don’t just look for “good” articles; they literally need to blow your mind and provide an insight into your niche that other websites aren’t providing.

It’s okay to split articles up and use multiple resources. In fact, this is encouraged. In order to get detailed and focused information you may have to take snippets from broader articles and splice them together. Just make sure that you reference all of your sources and combine them in a natural readable manner.

Build Relationships

To really establish yourself as an expert in your field, you must build relationships with your readers. Republishing a decent article is just the start. Some readers will ask you questions on the topic. Make sure you’re well-researched and can support the information you have published. If you don’t engage with your audience, they’ll start to see right through you.

The fundamental purpose of content marketing is to increase your visibility and establish your business as a go-to resource. There’s no better critic than yourself, so always assess your content from the perspective of your readers – if you’re not satisfied with the information, they won’t be.

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[Photo Credit: Michael Dales]