Tips for Driving More Twitter Clicks


Twitter can be a great tool to drive more traffic to your website – as long as you go about things in the right way. An increase in targeted traffic can have positive effects in terms of increasing your reach, getting more subscribers and ultimately bringing more customers or clients on board. Here are our tips for using Twitter to encourage more traffic to your website.

Focus on Getting Relevant Followers

Having a big Twitter following will not drive clicks to your website if you have not made the effort to target the “right” kind of followers. These people need to be interested in what you do and make an effort to read your tweets and to engage with your content. This is unlikely to be the case if your focus has been on getting as many followers as possible, with little or no attention on who they are. Creating a targeted following is not something that will happen overnight and will require some patience to build things up.

Engage With Others

Getting involved in conversations and making an effort to ‘talk’ to your followers and other Twitter users will help you to be seen as a more ‘human’ brand. Over time, this can make your audience more receptive to your tweets and for sharing them. This is crucial as it is re-tweets that will spread your content further and encourage the potential for clicks from a wider audience.

Share Content

Once you have started to build a targeted Twitter following, the next step is to keep them hooked through the content that you share.

Obviously, you’ll want to share some of your own content to drive clicks but it’s important not to overdo this. In focusing solely on yourself, you run the risk of alienating potential followers by seeming too self-centred, and you are also missing out on a key opportunity to build your brand.

Your content strategy should therefore also include sharing quality third party content that is relevant to your field. Using other people’s content in your marketing in this way can help to build trust and to position yourself as an authority. This is key for getting on the right track for becoming an influencer in your industry, and becoming a go-to person/brand for finding great content.

Test Your Calls-to-Action

Experiment with the wording of your tweets to see which versions are most successful in garnering shares and driving clicks. You may be surprised to see that even subtle changes make a lot of difference.

Experiment With Timings

You may find that your audience is more likely to share your content and/or click on links during the evening, for example. This will usually be unique to your particular audience and it will mean that you need to test when your followers are most receptive to your content so that you are posting at the right kind of times in the first place.

Measuring Clicks

Shortening your links via the likes of makes it easier to track the number of clicks that you’re getting through Twitter, as well as allowing you to use less characters in your tweets. Over time, you can spot patterns for any links that do particularly well and are widely clicked and shared.  Measuring your content will also help you to know when best to time your tweets for maximum effect.

Implementing a content strategy that is built around encouraging engagement and sharing quality content will go a long way towards helping you to drive more clicks to your website from Twitter.