How to Use Other People’s Content in Your Social Media Marketing

content curation

Creating quality website and social media content on a daily basis can feel like an overwhelming task. While fresh content should be a big part of your marketing strategy, it’s not the only way to build trust and authority.

Many marketers have yet to realise the benefits of using other people’s content as part of their brand’s content strategy, but this can keep you one step ahead of your competition. Also known as content curation, this is an underrated way to add value to your marketing.

Here are our tips for using content curation for your company.

Sharing Curated Content on Your Social Media Channels

While it’s fine to use social media to keep your audience up to speed with what’s happening in your world, it’s a big no-no to be overly promotional. Many brands are still using social media purely as a way to shout about themselves but you can be one step ahead of them by mixing up your content and looking to be being useful to your followers.

Sharing third party content from others is a good way to do this and has several benefits.

Firstly, it allows you to build authority with your audience by being valuable. Your community will come to see you as a brand that goes out of their way to be interesting and helpful, rather than just promoting to them.

Secondly, it takes some of the pressure off your brand’s content strategy. Dedicating some of your efforts to finding and sharing other people’s content means that you don’t want to create as much of your own.

You can make content curation a more simplified process by using a tool like Kurasie, which brings all of your “key” content together in one place. It is also connected to your social media feeds for effortless sharing.

Putting Together Curated Blog Content

Content curation can also be used as part of your content creation strategy, as well as in your social media marketing. Creating regular blog posts that bring together resources that your readers will find useful is an easy way to add value for your community.

You can get started by collating big news and interesting developments that have taken place in your industry over the past week.y.

Your audience may not have the time to keep up-to-date with this type of information themselves, which gives you the opportunity to become their go-to resource for staying on top of news.

Most industries will lend themselves to producing this type of content, but if you’re working in an area where developments are more sparse, you may want to publish curated blog posts on a less regular schedule.

Curating and sharing other people’s content is a great way to supplement your content marketing efforts. A simple example of curated blog content in action can be found on Adobes website within their news section.