Using Facebook Video for Better Engagement

video engagement

One of the key content marketing predictions for 2015 revolved around bigger usage of video by brands, and this is already proving true as far as Facebook is concerned. Facebook themselves recently confirmed that a whopping 75 per cent more videos are being uploaded to the site compared to a year ago.

Research from Socialbakers revealed that more brands are posting videos directly to Facebook, rather than just sharing Youtube videos on the platform – and are seeing a lot more engagement as a direct result. If you’re not currently one of these brands, it’s definitely time to start including Facebook Video in your marketing strategy. Here are our tips for reaping the benefits!

Which Type of Videos to Post

The most effective videos are usually those that have one of the following aims:

  • Being Inspirational – Videos that seek to inspire your audience are more likely to be shared by your audience. This includes videos that encourage and motivate your Facebook fans to do certain things or feel more positive, for example.
  • Being Useful – Videos that teach your audience how to do things are also a good choice and have potential to be shared.
  • Being Fun – Personality is always a plus point when it comes to social media marketing. Most brands won’t see much benefit from posting cute animal clips but you may be able to include other types of fun video content into your Facebook marketing strategy to offer an entertaining element to your page’s content.

Your brand’s niche is likely to have a big impact on the type of video(s) that will work best for your page. Not all niches will lend themselves to fun video content, for example.

The Benefits of Facebook Video

Increased Organic Reach: Many brands are reporting much bigger organic reach for videos compared to their text-based and image-based content, despite most pages seeing a significant decline in the organic reach of their content in general. This makes it a useful addition to your Facebook content strategy, although it’s important not to go overboard. Increased organic reach for visual content led to this becoming a key part of marketing strategy on Facebook, which has at least partially led to the new prioritisation for video content.

Featured Videos: Not all Facebook pages have this option yet but this offers the ability to make a particular video more prominent. In the Videos tab, a Featured video will look bigger than the others and is therefore more visible. This is great for highlighting new videos or those that are promoting upcoming events. If you have the ‘Add a Featured Video’ button, you’re one of the pages that can already do this. If not, this should be rolling out to other pages.

The ‘Watch Video’ Call-to-Action: Facebook recently introduced various Calls-to-Action options for page cover images – one of which is a “Watch Video” button to direct page visitors to a video on your website. For this to work, your cover image will need to relate to the video in question.

Playlists: Videos can be grouped together in various ‘playlists’ to influence the content that is shown and encourage visitors to your page to view more video content from your brand.

More Tips for Creating Video Content

Length: Shorter videos tend to do better than their longer counterparts. A length of under 2 minutes is generally considered to be the best move but it’s worth testing out videos of various lengths to find out what works best for your particular page.

How Much Does It Cost?

You don’t need a big marketing budget to be able to produce effective video content. Good lighting and editing will be key requirements to create quality person-centric videos that look professional but if your budget is on the time side, text-based videos can work well too.