How to Make Your Social Media Management More Effective

Effective Social Media Management

Are you looking for ways to be more productive with your social media management? These tips will help you to save time and get the most from your social media channels.

Get Organised

Being able to keep track of your social media activity in one place makes life much easier, especially if you are dealing with multiple accounts. The likes of Hootsuite allow you to monitor interactions and engagement across a number of channels so that you can save time and easily see what is (and isn’t working) on your current strategy.

Mix Up Your Content

Many brands are still using social media purely as a way to shout about their products or services. You’ll get far more benefit from your social media activity by putting the focus on your followers. Creating and sharing great content that they will find useful will go a long way towards building trust and expertise and should form a key part of your social media strategy.

Schedule Your Content

Some aspects of your social media activity can be pre-planned to make better use of your time, particularly scheduling some or all of your content in advance. You can do this for your own content but it also lends itself to sharing great third party content via content curation platforms such as Kurasie. In both cases, content scheduling allows you to get your content out when your audience is most likely to see it – even if you are not actually working at this time.

Engage Your Followers

As well as following a content strategy that engages your followers, you will also need to spend some time interacting with them to build a community that is invested in your brand. Engaging with your followers on a personal level and showing interest in them can make them feel that there is a two-way relationship. You can go a step further than by asking them for feedback on products and services to make them feel more connected to you as a brand, for example.

Build Brand Advocates

Effective social media focuses on quality over quantity. There’s little point in having a big community if very few of your followers actually take the time to engage with your content. It is far better to look at building an enthusiastic and engaged community, with the goal of finding brand advocates who will sing your praises on social media and help you to grow your following further. Developing a content strategy that will encourage followers to share your content is key to this.

With the right tools and attitude, it isn’t as hard as you might assume to save time and be more effective in your social media marketing.