Using Twitter Lists for More Effective Marketing


Are you making the most of Twitter’s “lists’ feature? This is a useful way to keep track of your Twitter feed so that you spend less time scrolling through a myriad of tweets. People who fall into similar categories can be added to various lists to make it easier to see their tweets and engage with them. Here are our tips for using Twitter lists for making your Twitter marketing more efficient.

The Benefits of Using Twitter Lists

Organising the people that you follow into various lists can be an invaluable time saver. Each list will display as mini versions of your Twitter timeline but will only include tweets from the users that have added. This is great for allowing you to quickly scroll through tweets from particular people without the ‘noise’ that would be present in your full timeline. The average Twitter list will contain a lot fewer people than your timeline, it is a lot easier to stay on top of tweets from those that you want to keep tabs on. If you’re pushed for time, Twitter lists can be ideal for spending less time on reaching out to others.

Twitter Lists for be used to:

  • Quickly and easily keep on top of your competitors’ Twitter activity by creating a list around this
  • Monitor and connect with key industry influencers
  • Keep up with industry trends through users that regularly share news from your niche
  • Engage with loyal customers
  • Engage with brand advocates

Creating Twitter Lists

If you’re not yet familiar with Twitter list, here is a brief step-by-step guide to how it works.

To add a particular Twitter user to a list, just go to ‘More user actions’ – signified by the wheel icon next to the ‘Follow’ button. The subsequent drop-down menu will include the option to ‘Add or remove from lists’.

Adding users to Twitter lists

Clicking on this will allow you to add the user to an existing list or to create a new list and add them to this. Once a list has been created, it can be made public or set to private so that only you can see who is on it. Public lists are visible to everyone and will mean that users will receive a notification if they are added or removed but this is not the case with private lists.

Creating New Twitter List

To add to an existing list, you just need to tick the box next to the relevant list. If you later decide to take them off a particular list, untick the box and they will be removed.

Adding or Removing Users From Twitter Lists

Your Twitter Lists can be accessed by going to the profile icon towards the top of Twitter and accessing ‘Lists’ from the drop-down menu. You can also create a new Twitter List this way too.

Public Twitter lists can be viewed by clicking on ‘Lists’ on a particular user’s Twitter page. This can be useful for seeing who your competitors are following, for example. Be aware that not all Twitter lists are necessarily public so this won’t always be possible.

Grouping Followers Together

You can create Twitter lists around pretty much anything but from a marketing point-of-view, you may find it useful to organise the people that you follow into groups such as influencers, customers, competitors, inspirational users or those that you lots of conversations with.