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Tutorial: Getting Started With Kurasie, The Content Curation Engine

If you’re new to Kurasie the following steps will walk you through the initial Kurasie set-up. Once you have registered with Kurasie or logged in for the first time you will need to connect your social media accounts. 1. Click on the “i” as highlighted in the screenshot below: 2. Scroll down to the bottom […]

Keep Your Content Curation Focussed For Best Effect

When used correctly, content curation can be a very powerful marketing method. One of the biggest mistakes curators will make is posting too much too quickly. The purpose of curation isn’t about quantity; it’s about providing the best possible information so your readers won’t have to search elsewhere. If you simply publish broad content without […]

How To Curate The Perfect Piece Of Content

  Internet marketing is a tricky business. With the excessive amount of low-quality content and Google constantly changing their algorithms, finding good information can be a challenge. By incorporating curation into your content marketing strategy, you’ll effectively double your chances of gaining a steady readership, giving you more opportunities to engage with potential clients. Creation […]

9 Possible Content Curation Sources

Publishing curated content is the perfect way to add diversity to your digital marketing strategy; however, you must have an efficient discovery process in order for it to work. These 9 places will help you cherry pick the best possible content without having to spend too much time searching the Internet. 1. Industry Leaders Industry […]

How Content Curation Works

Content is the currency of the Internet and the driving force behind clicks, shares, comments and readers. Good quality content is invaluable, but competing as a creator in an over-saturated marketplace is a challenge. Content curation is the process of sifting through the web and passing on only the most valuable and relevant content that’s […]